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FleetPro Specials


This time of year can be messy on the roads.............

So make a stop @ FleetPro on your way through and let us wash your truck/tractor and/or trailer today. 

Wash Rates:

Truck/Tractor - $60.00

Stepdeck/Flatdeck Trailer - $55.00

Van Trailer - $70.00



Get Winter Ready.......Winter Special $149

Winter Performance Check - Check lights, drain airtanks, check air system operation, check block and oil pan heaters, check heater fran operation, check auxiliary heater operation, check and adjust tire pressure, check belts, check wipers and washer operation, test batteries and perform starting/charging system check, inspect cab an dbunk filters

Chassis Lube and Level Check - Check engine oil level, check transmission oil level, check differential oil level, complete chassis lube

Cooling System Check - Inspect radiator condition, hoses and pressure test for leaks, inspect charge air cooler condition, check engine fan operation, test coolant quality, level and strength


                            (Price does not include taxes and/or additional repairs)

Service Specials:

Conveniently located on the Big Freight Systems Yard on Hwy #12 Steinbach

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Phone: 204-320-1993

Hours of Operation

Monday thru Saturday 6:30am to 5pm
Sunday 9:00am to 5:00pm